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‘New wave’ of Inuit throat singers reach the Canadian mainstream music scene

This week marks the beginning of this Safe&Sound music column dedicated to Canadian artists, and as we are celebrating on this coming Sunday, June 21, the National Indigenous Peoples Day, this first edition will be dedicated to a very special »

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Hundreds demonstrate in Yellowknife in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Following a weekend that saw anti-racism rallies take place across the country, the Black Lives Matter movement reached the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories on Tuesday. Hundreds gathered in Yellowknife to protest anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism with a march and »


Discontent and concern over RCMP behaviour grows in the North

Concern and dissatisfaction–and of late, more and more resistance–are being voiced about the RCMP’s conduct in Canada’s Far North. As the premier of the Northwest Territories was calling the issue of racism “huge,” in an interview with CBC News on »

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N.W.T. First Nation shares prestigious UN prize for environmental work

A remote First Nations Community is sharing a prestigious United Nations prize for its 50-year-fight to save a giant swath of land that features boreal forest, tundra threaded with lakes, rivers and waterfalls and wildlife in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The »

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Northwest Territories now has 911 for emergency calls

Sometimes those of us who live in southern Canada forget how different life can be for our distant neighbours living in the country’s three northern territories: Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Some things we take for granted down here »


Do Arctic mobility devices need a rethink? – Eye on the Arctic video archive

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North. In today’s instalment, a video from our documentary archive. Recovering from knee surgery isn’t easy for anyone, but for Jimmy Okhina Sr., living in Arctic Canada made it »

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New Indigenous protected area created in the Northwest Territories

A remote Indigenous community in Canada’s Northwest Territories is celebrating today the creation of a new Indigenous protected area that will safeguard an area of pristine wilderness larger than all of Israel or Belize from any industrial development or mining. »

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Shifting ground: How can you maintain your home when you can’t trust the ground beneath your feet?

By Alex Brockman, CBC News Margaret and Edward Kelly’s home is coming apart at the seams. The joints holding their walls, floors and ceilings together expand and contract as the ground underneath moves, a few centimetres at a time. They »

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Debate over hunting with drones continues in Northwest Territories

Indigenous groups in Canada’s Arctic are grappling with an influx of new technology and how to make sure it doesn’t do more harm than good. Drones are giving biologists a better idea of caribou migration and the social actions that »

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Fossil of world’s earliest fungus unearthed in Canadian Arctic

Scientists have unearthed fossilized fungi in the western Canadian Arctic dating back up to one billion years, nearly half a billion years earlier than previously thought, according to research published in the journal Nature. The discovery of these microscopic and »