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Curling: new materials, new game, but for the better?

“Hard! Hard! “ yells the skip as team members sweep the ice in front of the heavy curling stone (rock) as it slides down the ice. A technical game of great skill and tactics, curling basically involves just three things, »

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Canada to lose another world-leading research centre

It’s called the National Ultrahigh-field NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Facility for Solids, and is located near the Canadian capital, Ottawa Not a very catchy name, but the NMR is billed as the world’s strongest magnet for solids, and the most »

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‘Open for Business’ – Canada’s NRC to shift scientific research to industry focus

Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) which developed the first practical motorized wheelchair and the first artificial pacemaker, will now be more oriented to industry and business oriented goals. “The refocused NRC will provide Canadian industries with access to strategic research »