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Canada ‘defers’ mission to the waters off North Korea

As the Canadian Armed Forces continue to regroup and revamp in the shadow of COVID-19, the Canadian military has announced it is postponing the deployment of a warship and surveillance aircraft to help enforce United Nations’ sanctions against North Korea. »

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False alert from nuclear plant scares Ontario residents

It was early on a sleepy Sunday morning when mobile phones, radios, and TV began sending an urgent alarm at 07;30 The alarming province-wide message said something had gone wrong at the Pickering Nuclear power plant located on the shore »


Small nuclear reactors: green power, or not?

After the initial enthusiasm of nuclear power starting in the 1950’s, that enthusiasm began to wane a few decades later, especially after the Hollywood film, The China Syndrome, and the almost simultaneous 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear disaster. Now a »

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Canada history: January 25. 1995: Two minutes to nuclear war.

When a Canadian designed rocket almost caused nuclear war After the Second World War, the world’s powers began to be interested in rockets and missiles. For its part Canada began researching solid rocket fuels for anti-ballistic missiles. To test the »


Nuclear arms race feared after U.S. threat to quit treaty

On Oct. 20, 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) and that has rekindled fears there will be a world-wide nuclear arms race. Trump says Russia is not complying with the INF »

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Former Canadian diplomat speaks about the N Korea situation

The world is collectively concerned about the sabre rattling of N, Korea, and the U.S threats of reprisals. Repeated North Korean missile tests and now the latest nuclear test have only escalated the tensions. U.S President Trump is also calling »

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Canada History: Jan 24, 1978 Soviet radiation across the Arctic

On September 18, 1977, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (CCCP) launched a reconnaissance satellite dubbed Cosmos-954. In Russian it was a “Controlled Active Satellite” while the Americans knew it as a “RORSAT”- radar ocean reconnaissance satellite.  Its purpose was »

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Nuclear scientists want to safely speak out

Scientists who work for Canada’s nuclear regulatory body want their union to negotiate guarantees they will not be sanctioned if they speak out about safety issues, reports the Globe and Mail. Canada’s previous government famously forbade its scientists from speaking »

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Chernobyl disaster commemorated by Ukrainian Canadians

Ukrainian-Canadians, are marking the 30th anniversary of the nuclear disaster in the city of Chernobyl, Ukraine. Across Canada today vigils, services and commemorative gatherings are taking place in churches and community centres, solemnly remebering those whose lives were lost, and »

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Petitioners oppose nuclear waste burial near lake

A petition with 92,000 signatures opposing a plan to bury nuclear waste has been sent to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna. The waste, which is rated as low or intermediate level, would be stored 700 metres underground in limestone rock, which »