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The controversy over two words

In these politically correct times, changing two words has led to acrimonious debate in the Canadian government. The late Mauril Belanger, (Liberal Member of Parliament for Ottawa-Vanier) had introduced a private members bill to change the words of Canada’s national »

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Coming up, a new, slightly fresher version of Canada’s national anthem.

Sometimes entitled O! Canada, O Canada!, or just O Canada, this country’s national anthem has had a bit a winding path. To start with, unlike most countries anthems, it comes in two languages. Indeed there is currently a bit of »

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MP Mauril Belanger gets dying wish in Commons

It now appears all but certain that Canada will soon have a revised, gender- neutral national anthem–a legacy to the perseverance and passion of a dying MP who has long championed the change. As Mauril Belanger, a Liberal MP from »

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History: The long road to Canada’s national anthem

It’s Canada’s birthday, the 148th. On this day in 1980, O Canada was performed for the first time as Canada’s official national anthem. CBC-coverage of official ceremony (begins after commercial) For most of those 148 years however, Canada didn’t really »


Change the lyrics of Canada’s National Anthem?

A group of prominent Canadian women wants to change some of the lyrics to the Canadian anthem , O Canada. They say the lyrics exclude about 50% of the population, that is, women. The group, which includes novelist Margaret Atwood »