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Scientists discover new species and deep-sea mountains off B.C. coast, call for more protection

Canadian scientists who have discovered new ancient and fragile coral forests and potentially new species during an expedition to explore deep-sea mountains off the coast of British Columbia, say they want these “spectacular” sea wonders permanently protected. An expedition team »

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Canada gives ocean observatories a multi-million-dollar grant

The Canadian government has awarded $46.6 million over five years to a leading ocean sciences facility at the University of Victoria in western Canada. Ocean Networks Canada operates ocean observatories along Canada Pacific and Arctic coasts to study deep-sea ecosystems, »

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Unique Canadian effort to monitor ocean activity full-time

It is a unique and groundbreaking experiment and research resource On the ocean floor of the Pacific off the coast of Canada’s Vancouver Island, and now in the Arctic off Cambridge Bay, are large networks of scientific sensors. They’re all »