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Conservation group exposes widespread seafood fraud in Canada

A Canadian ocean conservation group is renewing its calls on the federal government to clamp down on seafood mislabelling, saying its latest investigation provides mounting evidence of a widespread and unchecked seafood fraud problem in Canada. Oceana Canada says DNA »

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Scientific expedition winds up in Inuit region of Atlantic Canada

A 10-day research project between an ocean conservation group and the government of the Inuit region of Atlantic Canada wound up this week after a 10-day expedition to better understand the coastline in the region. The Imappivut, (“Our Oceans” in »

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Scientists discover new species and deep-sea mountains off B.C. coast, call for more protection

Canadian scientists who have discovered new ancient and fragile coral forests and potentially new species during an expedition to explore deep-sea mountains off the coast of British Columbia, say they want these “spectacular” sea wonders permanently protected. An expedition team »

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More bad news for Canada’s East Coast cod fishery

There’s more bad news for the once thriving cod fishery off Newfoundland and Labrador on Canada’s East Coast–already in virtual total collapse. Citing a spring stock assessment that showed cod in decline, the federal government has announced a reduction in »

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‘Alarming amounts of seafood fraud in Ottawa,’ says group

Almost half the samples of fish and seafood from Ottawa restaurants and grocery stores were found to have been mislabelled, by Oceana Canada. The conservation group tested 98 samples and found 45 were not what actually what they were labelled »

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Gulf of St. Lawrence expedition will show images live online

Anyone with an internet connection will be able to view previously unseen images of life in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, one of the most productive and diverse marine areas in the world. The gulf on Canada’s eastern shores is »

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Report calls on Canada to reduce ‘collateral damage’ from fisheries

A Canadian NGO is calling on the federal government to take steps to reduce “collateral damage” in Canada’s commercial fisheries and protect vulnerable marine species from being harvested unintentionally and wastefully. A report by Oceana Canada says the unintentional harvesting »

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Environmental group welcomes Liberal ocean protection plan

Marine conservation activists are welcoming a decision by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to invest $1.5 billion in an ocean protection strategy to safeguard the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans and protect Canada’s coastlines. The five-year funding program aims to »