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Ships ignore voluntary speed limit set to protect endangered whales: report

A conservation group is calling on the federal government to extend mandatory maritime speed limits designed to protect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales off Canada’s Atlantic coast after analysis of vessel traffic data showed that most captains ignore the »

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Fishery decline in Canada: Audit 2019

The independent advocacy group Oceana Canada, has just released its third and latest annual audit on the state of the fishing industry in Canada and the news is not good. Fishery Audit 2019 says the health of fish and marine »

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Many Canadian fisheries called ‘critically depleted’

A new audit by the conservation group Oceana Canada found only 34 per cent of Canada’s fish stocks are healthy and just over 13 per cent are critically depleted needing immediate action to rebuild them. The report goes on to »

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Redfish plan absent, maintain fishing quotas, demand conservationists

Oceana Canada is calling on the Canadian government to maintain current fishing quotas after a process to manage redfish in the Gulf of St. Lawrence failed. It wants the government to redouble its efforts to deliver a plan to rebuild »

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Deep ocean exploration reveals first views of rich ecosystem

A large expedition off Canada’s western coast has yielded high-definition video of life 200 metres below the surface. The area explored included stunning fjords and deep waters of great cultural ecological, cultural and economic significance. “This is the first time »

Economy, Environment & Animal Life

Canada’s fisheries are in trouble, says non-profit

It’s estimated that since 1970, Canada has lost more than half its amount of fish, according to a review completed by the conservation group Oceana Canada. It says that only one third of the fish stocks are healthy, 13 per »