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TC Energy to start work on Keystone XL pipeline

TC Energy Corp. said on Tuesday it would proceed with the construction of the long-delayed $8 billion US Keystone XL pipeline project after getting a $1.1 billion US equity investment from the Alberta government. Once completed, the 1,947-kilometres-long pipeline will »

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Canada involved in two U.S. environmental lawsuits

In 2013, the U.S state of California engaged in a cap-and-trade carbon emissions trading deal with the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Ontario backed out of the deal in 2018 with a change in the provincial government. Now Quebec finds »

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Oil companies explore loophole in shipping restriction

A Canadian law passed in June prevents Alberta oilsands crude being shipped from the British Columbia terminals along Canada’s northern Pacific coastline. This was due to fears of the environmental damage if there was an oil spill. But a test »

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Oilsands’ GHG emissions may be greater than reported

Government scientists say carbon emissions from oilsands in western Canada may be significantly higher than industry calculated. Researchers took samples from the air and found emissions from four oilsands operations to be on average one third higher than those taken »

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Greenpeace disparages Canadian oil woes

Canadian oil companies and the government of the oil-producing province of Alberta are deeply worried about an overcapacity of oil which has dramatically cut the price fetched by a barrel of Canadian oil.  Some companies have even proposed limiting production. »

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Nebraska votes ‘yes’ to TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline

TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL pipeline cleared the last major regulatory hurdle Monday when state regulators in Nebraska voted to approve the controversial project to ship Alberta oil sands crude to the U.S. gulf coast and world markets. During a brief »

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Stop expanding oilsand tailings ponds, urge environmental groups

The extraction of oil from sand in western Canada has left over a trillion litres of waste stored in tailings ponds and they are getting bigger. Two environmental groups issued a report showing the cost of cleaning them up would exceed »

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Canada’s pipeline decisions: years of controversy ended, years more begin

After years of controversy and protest, the federal government announced decisions on some major oil pipeline projects. Although the decision had been made days earlier, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau only made the public announcement late yesterday afternoon. One project,  the »

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Panel to study how oilsands can reduce GHG emissions

Representatives of the oil industry, environmental groups and indigenous communities will form a panel to examine how the oilsands can meet targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reports Canadian Press. The government of the oil-producing province of Alberta has created »

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Most politicians avoiding climate issue: professor

‘A lot of pretending going on’ Canada is among the world’s top three emitters of greenhouse gases but when it comes to climate change issues, “there is a lot of pretending going on from each of the three major, national »