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Ontario classrooms: mobile phone ban now in effect

Announced by the Ontario government earlier this year,  students in the provinces classrooms will not be allowed to use their mobile phones in class. The exceptions are if they’re needed for part of a classroom lesson, or for special needs» 

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Ontario proposes 24 hour bars in airports

After a record five-month summer break, Ontario’s legislature came back to work yesterday. A bill tabled on the first day back proposes easing of a number of restrictions and red tape. The bill proposed by the provincial Progressive Conservative government» 


An “individual” was arrested: change in police policy on gender

The Ontario Provincial Police force has announced they will no longer identify victims or criminals by gender in public reports. The “OPP” are a provincially regulated force that patrols the provincial highways, and outside of areas not covered by municipal police» 

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Quebec rules for safety over turbans, religious beliefs

After years of litigation that began in 2006, the highest court in the province of Quebec has ruled workplace safety comes before religious beliefs. The ruling concerns Sikh truckdrivers who had challenged a requirement to wear safety helmets when leaving» 

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Schoolteachers suffer rapidly increasing violence

It’s getting harder to be a schoolteacher in Canada, and less safe even for school educators of very young students in elementary school. A new study on the issue of violence against elementary school teachers in Canada’s most populous province,» 

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Ontario government releases new sex-ed curriculum

Ontario’s Progressive-Conservative government unveiled a new sex-ed curriculum Wednesday, a year after repealing a previous curriculum introduced by the preceding Liberal government, which had included lessons on sexting, same-sex relationships and gender identity, raising concerns of many parents. Under the» 


Tiny homes for homeless youth

Groups fighting homelessness in Lanark County (Ontario) plan to house youth in tiny homes on private property CBC News, first published on July 24, 2019 Two-hundred square feet may sound small, but advocates for homeless youth are hoping it will» 

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Meteor hunters are on the move to find Ontario fireball

On Wednesday night, many Canadians saw a bright light in the sky. From Lake Ontario to Peterborough, Ont., to Montreal, surveillance cameras captured the violent end of the meteor’s journey that took billions of years to complete. Some people have» 

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Study shows dramatic rise in binge drinking by young women in Ontario

Canada’s largest province has seen a dramatic increase in the number of young people – especially young women – who end up in hospital emergency rooms because of excessive drinking, according to a new Canadian study. The article published in» 

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Bombardier plans to lay off 550 workers trigger political sniping

Federal Liberals and the Progressive Conservative government of Ontario took pot shots at each other Wednesday over looming layoffs at Bombardier’s railway car plant in Thunder Bay, Ont., that could see nearly half of the employees lose their jobs. The»