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Overdose deaths spike amid coronavirus situation

COVID isolation and restrictions suspected as contributing factors While most attention from politicians and media worldwide has been focussing on the COVID-19 situation, another health and societal crisis has been growing. This involves use and deaths from opioids and fentanyl. »


Use opioids wisely after wisdom tooth removal, urge officials

Dentists and patients are being warned about the potential harms of opioid use to manage pain after the routine extraction of wisdom teeth. “The existing evidence suggest(s) dentists are responsible for a significant proportion of first-time exposure to opioids,” said »


Drug companies sued over opioid addictions

A Toronto law firm has commenced a class action lawsuit against 28 pharmaceutical companies on behalf of people who were prescribed and became addicted to opioids. It is seeking $1.1 billion in damages in Ontario Superior Court. In the past, »


Opioid deaths stable in Nova Scotia, considered progress

The eastern province of Nova Scotia considers its strategy on illegal opioid use to be a success because there was no increase in overdose deaths in the past year. Across Canada in 2017, 3,671 people died with the highest number »


Canadian province sues drug companies over opioids

The west coast province of British Columbia has seen a particularly high toll in deaths from opioid overdoses., over 1,400 alone last year Canada as whole recorded approximately 4,000 opioid related drug deaths. In a first in Canada, British Columbia »

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Opioid deaths may decrease Canadians’ life expectancy figure

A baby born in 2017 can expect to live 82 years, according to the latest government figures, but that number may go down because of the high number of deaths attributed to opioid overdose. The Public Health Agency of Canada »

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Opioid deaths increase 34 per cent

The government of Canada will severely restrict the marketing of prescription opioids to doctors after nearly 4,000 Canadians died in 2017 of overdose linked to this class of drugs. That was an increase from about 3,000 in 2016. The most »


Opioid prescription users urged to get overdose treatment kits

Naloxone can save someone from dying of an overdose and people who legally use prescription pain-killers like morphine and oxycodone are being counselled to get the antidote kits.  The consumer-oriented website SafeMedicationUse.ca warns that people are at greater risk if they »

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Canada: study looks at opioid use in light of health crisis

Canada is experiencing an opioid crisis. There have been many deaths due to overdoses, usually from street drugs, but also prescription drugs. A new study released this week says there’s been a 54 per cent increase in opioid poisonings/overdoses  in »

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Proposed deal on OxyContin is called a ‘betrayal’

A Globe and Mail editorial is calling a proposed legal settlement with Purdue Pharma over its painkiller OxyContin “a betrayal of Canadians.” While this deal would have Purdue pay $20-million now, ten years ago legal action in the U.S. led »