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Revelations of whale behaviour using drones

University of British Columbia researchers wanted to study feeding behaviour of two separate groups of killer whales. Although both groups live in similar environments on the west coast, both feeding on salmon and facing increased noise pollution, water pollution, disturbances »

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Scientist deliver antibiotic dart to ailing young orca

A three-year-old endangered orca received a shot of antibiotic treatment in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia as an international team of scientists attempted to save the life of the ailing animal. There are only 75 Southern »


Killer whales visit Victoria harbour

A pod of orcas briefly visited the harbour of the western city of Victoria on June 17, 2018, probably following prey chasing food after an exceptionally low tide. On June 4, another pod of orcas spent about an hour in »

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Government talks noise abatement to protect whales

Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc told the Canadian Press that he is seeking to regulate underwater shipping noise as part of a strategy to protect a group of endangered orca whales off Canada’s west coast, reports Canadian Press. Noise is likely »

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Less ice means killer whales moving into new northern areas

It has usually been a very rare occasion to spot killer whales in the Arctic. With their high dorsal fins, they traditionally kept away from the northern regions. With climate change and sea ice in the Arctic and Hudson bay »

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Unusual whale behaviour scares fisherman

Norman Strickland said he “was really, really scared” when five or six orca whales surrounded and bumped his small boat off Canada’s eastern shore on Saturday. The boat is 5.5 metres long and the whales, he estimates, were over four »

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The picture of hope

Drones are in the news a lot lately and not always for good reasons.  But a remote-controlled aerial vehicle made news Friday for capturing this bird’s-eye view of an orca and her calf swimming in Puget Sound, off British Columbia. Behind »

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Rare sight, killer whales in Hudson Bay

Churchill Manitoba is well-known as the Polar bear capital of Canada. That’s because a particular segment of the Arctic Polar bear population gathers on the western shores of Hudson Bay waiting for the freeze-up before heading out for the winter »