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Canada fails to take action to save orcas, say conservationists

The Canadian government’s new action plan to save orca whales does not include “the strong, immediate actions that would help this species teetering on the edge of survival,” says a news release from World Wildlife Fund Canada. It notes the »

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The picture of hope

Drones are in the news a lot lately and not always for good reasons.  But a remote-controlled aerial vehicle made news Friday for capturing this bird’s-eye view of an orca and her calf swimming in Puget Sound, off British Columbia. Behind »

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Attempt to end captivity of whales, dolphins in Canada

A bill in the Canadian Senate seeks to prevent further captive displays of dolphins and whales in this country. Liberal Senator Wilfred Moore of Nova Scotia, speaking at a news conference Thursday after introducing the bill, said, ” I’ve long »

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A bad year for endangered killer whales ends on a positive note

An orca calf, no more than a week old, has been spotted in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands swimming alongside its mother. Known as J-50, because it is part of the endangered J pod of southern resident killer whales, its fate is »