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Canadian Mental Health Association launches opioid overdose education campaign

With opioid overdoses fast rising among post-secondary students, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has teamed with a pharmaceutical company to launch an education campaign aimed at young Canadians to teach them how to prevent and respond to opioid overdoses.» 

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Canada: cannabis edibles coming soon, but with concerns

Experts have predicted a huge market for legal cannabis. This already seems to be the case as many government regulated outlets have difficulty keeping up with supply. After smoking, edibles (containing the active ingredient THC)  are the next phase set» 


Canadian province sues drug companies over opioids

The west coast province of British Columbia has seen a particularly high toll in deaths from opioid overdoses., over 1,400 alone last year Canada as whole recorded approximately 4,000 opioid related drug deaths. In a first in Canada, British Columbia» 


Cannabis overdose cases increasing

More people are going to Canadian hospital emergency rooms because of cannabis-related poisoning, according to the Canadian Institute of Health Information. CBC News obtained information that these cases almost tripled between 2013 and 2018 in the province of Ontario, and» 

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Opioid deaths may decrease Canadians’ life expectancy figure

A baby born in 2017 can expect to live 82 years, according to the latest government figures, but that number may go down because of the high number of deaths attributed to opioid overdose. The Public Health Agency of Canada» 

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Opioid deaths increase 34 per cent

The government of Canada will severely restrict the marketing of prescription opioids to doctors after nearly 4,000 Canadians died in 2017 of overdose linked to this class of drugs. That was an increase from about 3,000 in 2016. The most» 

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Drug checking finds most were not what Vancouver users expected

An overdose crisis in the western city of Vancouver prompted officials to ask for samples of street drugs to test their contents. Analysis of 1,714 substances found that more than 60 per cent contained none of the drug that clients» 

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Opioid prescription drugs to carry mandatory warning labels

The Canadian government will require opioids dispensed at pharmacies or in doctors’ offices to carry a sticker warning the medication can cause dependence, addiction and overdose. This and other measures will take effect in October 2018 in answer to the» 


High-dose opioid prescriptions decrease, but not much

More than 40,000 people in the province of Ontario were given new prescriptions for high doses of opioid drugs in 2016, despite Canada’s worsening opioid crisis. That was a decrease of 25,000 new starts, or two per cent, from 2013.» 


Opioid prescription users urged to get overdose treatment kits

Naloxone can save someone from dying of an overdose and people who legally use prescription pain-killers like morphine and oxycodone are being counselled to get the antidote kits.  The consumer-oriented website SafeMedicationUse.ca warns that people are at greater risk if they»