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Aid agencies fear cholera could hit flooded southern Africa

The death toll after Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwi is 761 and likely to climb. About 228,000 people have been displaced in Mozambique and diarrhea is already reported in some camps but there is no confirmation of cholera »

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‘Obscene’ inequality increasing in Canada, world, says Oxfam

Billionaires’ fortunes grew by 12 per cent last year while the wealth of the poorest in the world dropped, according to a report by the anti-poverty non-profit Oxfam. This is the fifth year that Oxfam raises the issue of inequality »

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NGOs ‘need to do better’ to prevent staff sexual misconduct: Save the Children

Humanitarian organizations need to do a better job of sharing information with each other and the public in general to prevent sexual predators from joining these organizations and exploiting vulnerable people, says the head of one of Canada’s largest humanitarian »


Oxfam Britain scandal sparks soul-searching by Canadian NGOs

An ugly scandal facing one of the world’s best known humanitarian NGOs has sparked fears of a backlash against the entire sector but has also led to soul-searching in the humanitarian and development community on how to prevent such incidents »

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Oxfam decries exploitation of hotel housekeepers

The charity Oxfam Canada set up a bed in downtown Toronto to illustrate the exploitation of female hotel housekeepers. A report it issued today features interviews with current and former employees of hotels in Canada, the Dominican Republic and Thailand. »

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Wealth gap, ‘inequality crisis’ growing: Oxfam

Eight men own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population, according to a report by the anti-poverty group, Oxfam. In Canada, two people own the same wealth as the poorest 30 per cent of Canadians. David »

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Women are shortchanged, Canada must act, says Oxfam

Women in Canada and around the world are paid less, have more low-paying jobs and redressing that is fundamental to the global fight against poverty, says Oxfam Canada. A new report states that the global inequality crisis has reached new »