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Revelations of whale behaviour using drones

University of British Columbia researchers wanted to study feeding behaviour of two separate groups of killer whales. Although both groups live in similar environments on the west coast, both feeding on salmon and facing increased noise pollution, water pollution, disturbances »

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Crisis in west coast salmon fishery

Commercial fishermen on Canada’s west coast say it’s the worst season they’ve ever experienced. According to Joy Thorkelson, president of the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union, at least 2,500 people are affected by the record low numbers of salmon. »

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Trade deal with Asia denounced by Canadian labour union

The United Steelworkers union says it is “unacceptable” that the Canadian government is pushing ahead with the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). This is a trade deal between Canada and several Pacific nations that the union says »

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DFO launches largest marine mammal survey ever in Canada’s Pacific waters

The federal government has launched the largest marine survey in Canadian Pacific waters to better understand what is happening with key mammal species such as endangered whales and to collect new information that will help better identify critical habitat for »


Deep ocean exploration reveals first views of rich ecosystem

A large expedition off Canada’s western coast has yielded high-definition video of life 200 metres below the surface. The area explored included stunning fjords and deep waters of great cultural ecological, cultural and economic significance. “This is the first time »

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Toxic algae bloom linked to warm ocean

Unusually warm Pacific Ocean temperatures contributed to a massive bloom of toxic algae off North America’s west coast last year, says a recent study. Nicknamed “the blob,” the bloom closed important fisheries and disrupted marine life including seabirds and sea »

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A ‘crabby’ experience, eco-tourism in Nova Scotia

Come to beautiful Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast and catch crabs. It’s a new project by Parks Canada to deal with the invasive European green crab. Visitors pay $30, and get a bumpy 20 minute all-terrain vehicle ride down »

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Climate scientists ask Canada to reject LNG project

Ninety scientists say a proposed liquefied natural gas project on Canada’s Pacific coast would have dire environmental consequences and undermine Canada’s commitments to curb climate change, reports Canadian Press. They say the Pacific NorthWest L-N-G project would be one of »