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Art: the amazing Canadian artist you never heard of

Canada has produce a great many world class artists, but which have consistently been overlooked by critics. Only recently have some, such as Tom Thomson and the Group of 7 begun to be recognized internationally for their amazing talent. Still» 

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Fairly tale story: dull basement painting worth a fortune

Small sketch sells for many times estimated price. It was a small and dusty old painting that the owner thought wasn’t so great, and certainly not by a now world-renowned deceased artist. Tom Thomson is the iconic Canadian wilderness painter» 

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Christie’s releases Chagall piece back to National Gallery

The National Gallery of Canada has reached a “mutually satisfactory financial agreement” with Christie’s auction house to return a Marc Chagall painting to the gallery, the two parties announced Thursday. The gallery announced in April that it had put La Tour» 

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Major auction of Canadian art; more record sales?

Toronto fine art auction house Heffel is again selling some major artworks on an online auction today. Featured are works by the renowned Canadian artist Lawren S Harris. He was the founder of iconic Canadian artists known as The Group» 

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Canadian art sales record smashed!

It was thought that a painting to be auctioned yesterday might set a new record sale price for Canadian art. Before last night’s auction, a Lawren Harris painting was estimated to sell between 3 and five million including the sales commission.» 

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Possible record price for Canadian art tonight

A painting by a member of the legendary Canadian artists collective, the Group of Seven, could set a record for a Canadian artwork tonight. The painting is a 1926 work by Lawren Harris called “Mountain forms”. It will be sold» 


Ken Dalgarno-artist inspired by nature in Saskatchewan

There is certainly no lack of fantastic subjects in Canada for artists. Mostly however nature artists have focussed on Ontario’s often wild northern forests and lakes, and on the magnificence of our Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and the Rocky mountains.» 

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The unique paintings of Danny McBride

Literally tens of thousands of people around the world have seen Danny McBride. Musician, composer, singer, he toured the world as the longtime lead guitarist for pop star Chris deBurgh. He also played guitar with David Hasselhof, Joe Cocker.and many» 

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ARTS- Christopher Walker- artist painter

This week, a conversation with Canadian painter, Christopher Walker who has been one of the feature artists in the prestigious  Arabella magazine of art architecture and design. Originally from Montreal, he later worked in southern Ontario designing and illustrating science books where» 

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History: the enduring mystery of Canada’s “Van Gogh” , July 8, 1917

He was handsome, strong, a real outdoorsman, a brilliantly talented artist, and mysteriously dead in the prime of life, Tom Thomson’s story could not be more intriguing. Called by some as Canada’s Van Gogh, or the painting version of Keats,»