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Ancient hyenas used to roam Canadian Arctic: study

When we think of hyenas, we usually picture them in the savannah or in a dry environment surrounded by lions or elephants, but this has not always been the case. Thanks to new research, we now know with certainty that »

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Fossil of one of the world’s oldest fish species reveals new insight

66-100 million year old fossil The hagfish is a bottom dweller feeding on things like dead marine life.  The eel-like fish is an ancient survivor from millions of years ago. Besides being ugly, they have the unique defence mechanism of »

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Anthropology: new non-destructive test discovered

Often anthropologists and palaeontologists and other scientific researchers when testing for certain forensic and lifestyle factors in a specimen, examine the teeth of a specimen. Teeth have proven an excellent source of information during tests and analysis to determine such »

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A dinosaur researcher’s dream; T. rex skin!

It’s something paleontologists dream about, and now for the very first time a positively identified fossil of T. rex skin has been found. In fact a number of skin fossils were found on expeditions in the badlands of Alberta, in »

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Headhunting- ancient head, reunited with its body

They called it “headhunting”, but it didn’t involve any violence…nor was it to do with corporate executives. In the early days of archaeology, the explorers and  paleontologists only took exciting parts of a dinosaurs such as the skulls, and claws »

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Canadian and Argentine researchers find new dinosaur

One of the world’s leading vertebrate paleontologists, Canadian Philp Currie, has co-discovered another important dinosaur fossil. It’s a new species of theropod dinosaur related to the long snouted Megaraptor family. The University of Alberta professor and Canada Research Chair in »


University of Alberta researcher helps discover that two-legged dinosaurs could swim

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 160 million years. In comparison, man’s presence on earth is only the equivalent to a tiny fraction of that time, a mere 200-thousand years. Our fascination with dinosaurs is never ending however, and with good »