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Canadian doctor champions palliative care for terminally ill Rohingya refugees

As a palliative care pediatrician Dr. Megan Doherty is no stranger to death and suffering. But her inability to do anything to ease the suffering of a little terminally ill Rohingya girl brought to a Bangladeshi hospital last year still »

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Palliative care has a bad name, study found

The stigma associated with the name “palliative care” is preventing people from getting early access to supportive care that would improve their quality of life, says new research from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. They conclude the service »

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Palliative care motion gets unusual near unanimous support in Canada’s House of Commons

In a rare show of unanimity, Canadian opposition and government Members of Parliament passed a motion Wednesday (May 28) for a cross-country strategy on palliative and end-of-life care. Proposed by Official Opposition NDP MP Charlie Angus, the bill was only opposed »