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Where are the Canadian entertainers?

Another bit of controversy has begun in Canada over a half-time show at a major sporting event. Canadians are becoming increasingly upset that Canadian artists are not being featured at these major events. Earlier this year there was disappointment and »

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The high-tech world of paddling and rowing

If there’s one thing Canadians know about it’s canoeing, kayaking and rowing. For east coast Canada, rowing small a small dory out onto the sea was a way of life, as it was for the Inuit in the far north »

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PanAm petition against Kanye West

When it was recently announced that Kanye West had been hired to perform at the closing ceremony of the PanAm games in Toronto, many expressed surprise. That surprise quickly turned sour as opposition to his presence started, and is growing. »

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Oops Pan Am cyclists take wrong turn.

Well, it could have been serious, but thankfully wasn’t.  It was however a bit of a different situation for police on Toronto area highways. Toronto traffic is congested at the best of times, and with the new PanAm games “HOV” »

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PanAm Games traffic: you knew someone would try this

Rush hour traffic in any big city in North America is always frustrating. Canada’s biggest urban area, the greater Toronto area, or GTA, meaning the city and surrounding suburb cities, has grown so large it’s now called the greater Toronto-Hamilton »