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Language-savvy parents good for children’s reading acquisition

Parents who understand language complexity offer more praise and improve their children’s reading development, according to a study from Concordia University in Montreal. Researchers studied 70 sets of six- and seven-year old children and their parents. The children were given» 


Parents of premature babies get help coping

While Canadian hospitals provide excellent care for premature babies, that intense level of care can, at first, be overwhelming for parents. The authors of a new book offer advice to help parents cope. “The…earlier a baby is born premature, often,» 

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Most parents subsidize their adult children: survey

A public opinion poll suggests 96 per cent of parents in Canada have given some form of financial support to their children between the ages of 18 and 35. Almost half of parents said they were still subsidizing children between» 


Parents feeling anxious, overwhelmed, get advice

There are parents in Canada who feel anxious, guilty and overwhelmed and a new book aims to relieve that. “(Parents are) are looking ahead and wondering what is this world going to be like when my child gets to be» 

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New rules to control aggressive hockey parents in Quebec

Hockey is unfortunately known almost as much for fights on the ice as for the quality of play. Sometimes however in minor hockey events, rude behaviour, offensive language, screaming, inciting players on the ice to fight, threatening referees and so» 


Co-parenting advice offered in new book

An estimated 1.2 million Canadian parents were no longer in a spousal or common-law relationship with their child’s mother or father in 2011, according to government statistics. Co-parenting their children can be difficult and fraught with emotion and perhaps conflict.» 

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Parents call for action on youth overdose deaths

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day and parents who have lost children are calling for action to prevent drug overdose deaths. In 2016, at least 2,458 people died of an opioid overdose in Canada and 13 people were hospitalized each» 

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Beware of posting children’s photos online, warns tech author

A recent U.K. study suggests more than half of parents avoid posting photos of their children online, but previous research found some parents post almost one thousand images by the time a child is five year old. Publishing a child’s» 

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Parents influence children’s activity, weight levels

Government statistics show that parents influence how active their children are and their chances of being overweight or obese. The numbers show that for every 20 minute increase in the activity of a parent, a child’s physical activity will go» 


Parent young elite athletes with care, urges psychologist

Watching the Rio Olympics is inspiring, but parenting a child with talent and drive to become an elite athlete can be a difficult balancing act. Parents must carefully navigate the line between being supportive and pushing too hard. Children must»