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E-scooter, e-bike users and companies to be fined if wrongly parked in Montreal

The city of Montreal, in the French-speaking province of Quebec, is fed up with badly parked electric scooters and is going to go after the bad riders. The regulations governing these self-service vehicles have been amended and, as of October »

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Fighting against hospital parking fees.

The high cost of parking at hospitals has been a contentious issue for years. As an example, Ontario’s Health Minister says the province’s hospitals take in about $100 million per year from parking fees. While parking lots require expenditures, and »

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Cancer patient furious over hospital parking fees

A cancer patient who is angry about the high cost of parking at his clinic has been offered help to pay for it. But that doesn’t make the underlying problem go away. Doctors’ journal urges a ban on hospital parking fees »


Canadian hospitals ‘parking fees, a penalty for having a disease’

Some ailing Canadians prefer to miss hospital appointments to paying high parking fees, Marketplace, CBC’s investigative consumer program found. “It’s bad enough that you’re having to seek treatment, and that you have an illness, and sometimes a chronic illness, but »