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How the press and politics have evolved in Canada (and likely elsewhere) (part 2 of 2) 

Book: Power, Prime Ministers and the Press: The Battle for Truth on Parliament Hill In the beginning was politics, shortly after came the press. In the early days in Canada, and undoubtedly elsewhere, newspapers –print journalism- was very biased. Papers »


Cross-country skiing promoted on Parliament Hill

Winter can be very long depending on where you live in Canada, but if you embrace it and engage in outdoor activities, it can be quite enjoyable. Many Canadians do not and spend the season grumbling and trying to escape »

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Parliament’s skating rink is officially open

It’s a first and part of Canada’s 150th Anniversary celebrations. A National Hockey League size skating rink has been built on the grounds of Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa. The scene on Parliament Hill Thursday afternoon © Hill cam It has been »

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The unruliness of Members of Parliament

Seeking more dignity in Parliamentary debates This month a U.S. Senator said he would not seek re-election as he did not want to be a part of the indecorous level of debate in U.S. politics of late. In Canada’s House »

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Site of historical Parliament open to public

A Montreal museum is extending a major archeological dig and inviting the public to come and learn about the site of Canada’s first Parliament. In the 1800s, what is now Canada was still a colony of Britain and was ruled by »

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Anti-Islamophobia vote: Canadians differ from government

It has been divisive ever since a Member of Parliament introduced her motion late last year. The government votes today on a motion to condemn racism and Islamophobia. Because of the Liberal Party majority, it is expected to pass. But »

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Free speech or Islamophobia- Clashes in cities across Canada

It’s all because of a non-binding motion in Canada’s Parliament. The motion proposed by a Muslim member of the Liberal government seeks to condemn racism, discrimination and Islamophobia. Opponents fear the potential for limits on free speech. The federal opposition »

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Controversial government debate on “Islamophobia”

A Liberal government motion to condemn Islamophobia is set to begin in a few hours. It’s expected to be a heated debate. Liberal Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid who is originally from Pakistan, and now represents a Mississauga riding (near »

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Canada History; Feb 3, 1916, Canada’s Parliament on fire!

The huge and impressive Gothic stone and wood Parliament building, completed in 1876, had dominated the skyline of Ottawa, the capital of the young country for just over 40 years. It was, and is located on what was originally known »

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World needs ‘more Canada,’ Obama tells Canadian Parliament

Barack Obama received a rapturous welcome as he addressed the Canadian Parliament on Wednesday during what was almost certainly his last visit to Canada as president of the United States. In a speech often interrupted by prolonged applause and punctuated »