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Children’s physical inactivity at ‘crisis levels’: report

Children in Canada and many parts of the world are not moving enough to maintain healthy growth and development, according to a global report by the non-profit, Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance. The report blames increased screen time, urbanization and »


‘Want to poop better?’: latest slogan to boost physical activity

The national non-profit, ParticipACTION has campaigned for years to try to get Canadians to be more physically active and the latest, attention-grabbing effort focuses on benefits such as better bowel function. Vast majority of Canadians not active enough In a »

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Very young Canadians not getting enough sleep, activity

Health officials say only 12 per cent of toddlers and 13 per cent of pre-schoolers are getting the right amounts of sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. They add that these very young children are spending too much time in »

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Parents influence children’s activity, weight levels

Government statistics show that parents influence how active their children are and their chances of being overweight or obese. The numbers show that for every 20 minute increase in the activity of a parent, a child’s physical activity will go »