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Smartphone fraud worries young Canadians: survey

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians aged between 15 to 34 feel they are at risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime, according to a survey by the major Canadian bank, TD Canada Trust. Of these so-called millennials, 94 per cent own »

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Password advice changes, made easier to follow

The man who got us all to use very complicated passwords 14 years ago has changed his mind and now suggests we use passwords that are longer but easier to remember. Burr regrets advice Bill Burr was working for the »

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Don’t reuse passwords, warns privacy commissioner

A “recent trend in breaches” has prompted Canada’s privacy commissioner to urge individuals to stop reusing passwords and businesses to oblige employees to reset their passwords. Several breaches reported In recent months, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has received »


Police chiefs want access to digital passwords

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police has passed a resolution asking for a law that would oblige people to hand over the passwords to their electronic devices if there was approval from a judge. Currently, police can obtain warrants »


Fined for not giving up phone password at border

Canadian Alain Philippon was fined $500 for refusing to give border guards at an eastern Canadian airport the password to his cellphone. Philippon originally said he would fight the charge of hindering or obstructing border officials. But today his lawyer »