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The end of passwords: Coming soon to a device near you

You have a password for your computer, your phone,  your email, your social media sites, forum sites, etc etc. It gets confusing and you forget them. Or, you use the same one for almost everything, which is a bad move. »

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Border guards can ask for your passwords

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association is warning people to think hard before deciding to take cell phones or other electronic devices across the border between Canada and the United States. Even if they have no grounds for suspicion, border »

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Password problems: most are easy to crack

New computer software is making it easier to hack passwords, so old advice may not work anymore. Conventional wisdom was that a password should include upper and lowercase letters and at least one number. A new report suggests that it »

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Forget passwords, A new Canadian take on biometrics

A Canadian company has developed what could be a new way to log on to your computer, open your cell phone, and perhaps even some day start your car. We’ve all seen movies of biopmetric devices such as retinal scanners, »