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Operator of Canada’s biggest airport announces job reductions due to COVID-19

The operator of the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada’s largest airport, announced on Tuesday that it is reducing 27 per cent of its workforce due to a significant decrease in global air traffic because of COVID-19, according to a press »

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Smart speakers and privacy: helpful, but gathering data on you as well

Smart speakers with their voice assistants are becoming more and more common, and many might find their way under a Christmas tree this year. But for all the assistance and helpful information they may provide, they could also be gathering »

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History- Oct.12, 1957, Canadian awarded for creation of U.N Peacekeepers

On this date in 1957, then Canadian external affairs minister Lester B Pearson received a telegram from Sweden.  It informed him of his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It was due to events of the previous year during the »

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Nobel prize for Canadian creator of UN Peacekeepers

Lester B Pearson is considered one of the best Canadian Prime Ministers. During his time as national leader, (1963-68), he brought in several major programmes including universal health care, the Canada Pension Plan,  the student loan plan for university education, »