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Prince Edward Island to host Canadian Premier League season

The Canadian Premier League (CPL) announced on Wednesday that its 2020 season will be held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island starting next month.  According to an announcement from the league’s commissioner David Clanachan, the CPL will play what they are »

Environment & Animal Life

Prince Edward Island and Canadian government invest in land protection

The government of Canada and the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) announced on Feb. 20 that they are investing $4.8 million to protect some of the provinces high priority habits areas and wildlife. The investment is going to protect »

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 It’s official, the fox wins!

It was short, but at times a bitter battle. The fight was between the Holstein cow, and the red fox. The title? The official animal of the province of Prince Edward Island. Official symbols for nations, states, and in Canada- »

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Climate change and P.E.I.’s slow disappearance

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, and it’s getting smaller. A recent storm has once again highlighted the plight of PEI.  It is a low-lying sand and sandstone island in the Gulf of St Lawrence and as the climate »

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Canada at the culinary olympics- Gold, and more gold!

It is called the Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung (IKA), and the IKA International Olympiade der Koche. It is an international culinary arts exposition and olympic-like competition.  Held every four years, like the Olympic sporting event, it attracts the best chefs from »


New designation for historic lighthouse

The East Point lighthouse on Prince Edward Island has just been named “Canada’s Confederation Lighthouse”. For many decades, even a century or more in some cases, Canada’s many lighthouses were a much welcomed beacon to sailors. With modern technology like »


Saving the lighthouses

Throughout history, lighthouses have been a welcoming beacon to sailors, either warning of dangers to avoid, or signaling the direction heading to safe harbour. This is certainly the case for Canada with the longest coastline in the world. Not only »


Lifestyle: a love for heritage livestock

When is a cow, not just a cow?  Most people wouldn’t really think much of seeing a deep copper coloured cow out in a field, but if you’re in agriculture you’d do a double take for sure. You’d recognize that »

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De-escalation: No more guns for farm visits by environment officers

In an era where the tendency is to provide more weapons for officials, and where great concern has been expressed about the “militarization” of police forces, there’s been at least one move in the opposite direction. In Canada’s small eastern »


Saving a magnificent wooden church

There are several words to describe the large wooden churches on Prince Edward Island: magnificent, breath-taking, awe-inspiring are certainly among them. But these churches need money for upkeep, and like many churches now, are in financial trouble. An architectural beauty, »