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Non-fiction: 30 years as a prison guard

“Down Inside”: A career in Canada’s federal prisons Suicides, violent beatings, horrific murders,  guards who cared, guards who didn’t, bureaucratic indifference, political meddling, Robert Clark saw all of that and much more. Robet Clarks intimate look at his long career »

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Surveillance chill on writers and journalists in Canada

A new survey of some 129 writers and journalists in Canada showed many were concerned about government, police, and corporate surveillance of their work and habits. Many said that changed what they wrote and how they did research, in other »

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PEN Canada denounces killing of Jordanian writer over Islam cartoon

In a press release today PEN Canada has denounced the murder of writer Nahed Hattar. The Jordanian writer was killed on the weekend as he approached the steps of a court building in Amman. He had been charged with “insulting »

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PEN Canada and World Press Freedom Day

This past Sunday, May 3, was marked as “World Press Freedom Day”, an occasion to highlight situations where press access to information, and limitations on writer’s ability to create freely is being limited. The organization PEN International originally stood for »