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Penitentiary farms to reopen with goats and cows

The Canadian government will reopen two farm operations in the province of Ontario to employ and instruct prison inmates. The farms were started in the 1880s but were shut down by the conservative government in 2010. Hundreds of people campaigned» 


Non-fiction: 30 years as a prison guard

“Down Inside”: A career in Canada’s federal prisons Suicides, violent beatings, horrific murders,  guards who cared, guards who didn’t, bureaucratic indifference, political meddling, Robert Clark saw all of that and much more. Robet Clarks intimate look at his long career» 

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Prison ombudsman calls solitary risky, damaging

In even stronger than ususal tones, Canada’s correctional investigator has again called for limits on the use of solitary confinement in penitentiaries. The investigator is charged with hearing complaints from those incarcerated for more than two years, investigating deaths in»