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Sears pensioners go to court to recover money

For years, employees of the retail company Sears Canada warned that their pension plan was underfunded at the same time as the company was paying huge dividends to shareholders. Now that the company has gone bankrupt, the pensioners are going »

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Labour decries law that could erode pension benefits

The Canadian government is considering a new law that would allow changes to the pension plans of people working for federally regulated companies such as Crown corporations, banks and those in the communications sector. The labour movement sees this as »


Prime minister restores pensionable age to 65

Before it was voted out of office in October 2015, Canada’s Conservative government pledged to gradually raise the age at which Canadians become eligible to receive their old age pensions to 67. Newly-elected Prime Minister Trudeau is killing that idea »

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NDP promises to expand pensions if elected

If elected, the New Democratic Party (NDP) promises to convene a meeting with the leaders of all the provinces to plan an expansion of the Canada and Quebec pension plans.  Canada’s population is aging rapidly and pension is an issue »

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Municipal employees strike over pension plan changes in province of Quebec

Municipal services across the Canadian province of Quebec were disrupted on Wednesday (November 26) as government employees walked out on a one day strike to protest the provincial government’s intention to change their pension plans. At the port of Montreal, »

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Ottawa’s reluctance stalls finance ministers’ talks on pension reform

Despite most of Canada’s provinces wanting to move ahead to protect Canada’s government pension plan, Canada’s Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said this was not the right time to do anything, or plan anything. Finance ministers from Canada’s 10 provinces met »