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Scientists warn of climate change-induced Arctic microbial threats

Climate change in the Arctic is not only melting permafrost, transforming landscapes, wreaking havoc with northern infrastructure, releasing greenhouse gases but could also unleash potentially harmful microorganisms and pathogens that have laid dormant in the frozen cryosphere for millennia, scientist »

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Shifting ground: How can you maintain your home when you can’t trust the ground beneath your feet?

By Alex Brockman, CBC News Margaret and Edward Kelly’s home is coming apart at the seams. The joints holding their walls, floors and ceilings together expand and contract as the ground underneath moves, a few centimetres at a time. They »

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Arctic airport, upgrades to deal with climate change

$22 million set aside for climate related upgrades Canada’s far north has been cited as one of the fastest warming regions on Earth. Many areas across the Arctic have been dealing with rapid permafrost melt and changing weather patterns and »

Over the past few years, due to higher summer temperatures, scientists have seen an increase in landforms that are caused by melting ice in the permafrost.

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Permafrost degradation spreads in High Arctic

Polar deserts in Canada’s High Arctic are undergoing rapid changes as increases in summer air temperatures lead to permafrost thaw, leaving giant horseshoe-shaped pockmarks on the barren terrain, according to a new study. The study by McGill University researchers, published »

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Permafrost collapse is accelerating carbon release, say scientists

A new study has found that permanently frozen ground called permafrost is melting much more quickly than previously thought and such abrupt thawing “increases permafrost carbon release projections by about 50 per cent.” Melting permafrost releases methane which is a »

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Permafrost thaw: more CO2 than previously thought?

It is well-known that CO2 is one of the so-called “greenhouse gases” and a significant contributor to global warming and subsequent climate change. University of Alberta researchers have found that in the western Canadian Arctic more CO2 may be released »

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Permafrost holds double the toxic mercury, warn scientists

Scientists have found that frozen ground located in Arctic regions holds twice as much mercury as the rest of the earth, oceans and atmosphere, and the toxic metal is being released as the climate changes. Scientists with the National Snow »

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Erosion alarm for Herschel Island in the High Arctic

Many stories in recent years have told how climate change is thawing permafrost in the Arctic. Stories also mention how a shorter ice season and stronger storms are also causing shore erosion throughout the Arctic. This year scientists on Herschel »

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Permafrost thawing faster, feeding climate change: study

A new study suggests that frozen ground in Arctic regions of the world will thaw faster than most research predicts and could worsen climate change very significantly. Permafrost is land that is at or below 0 C continuously for at »

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New road to finally link Canada, coast to coast to coast

The end of the Tuk ice road, welcome to the all weather road For the first time ever, Canadians will soon be able to drive from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast to the Arctic coast. Construction of the »