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Canadians say their finances improving, but experts say situation fragile

New surveys this week have shown consumers are back to buying and the economy has picked up considerably this month, although still well below pre-COVID levels and even though quite a number of businesses have closed for good. The latest »

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What to do, or not do, in times of financial uncertainty

Stock markets are tumbling, people are losing huge value on their investments as panic selling sets in. The drop in value is such that automatic systems have halted trading on at least a couple of stock markets. But what should »

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Statistics Canada pauses data collection on citizens finances over privacy concerns

Statistics Canada is the federal agency responsible for collecting statistics on all aspects of Canadian life. When it was learned the agency was beginning to collect personal banking information on 500,000 citizens, there was an outcry over invasion of privacy. »

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Privacy commissioner calls for action to protect personal information

Appearing before a committee of the House of Commons, the privacy commissioner said Canada’s privacy law is “quite permissive and gives companies wide latitude to use personal information for their own benefit.” Daniel Therrien said it is not enough to »

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Individual taxes up, corporate taxes down

“The average Canadian family spends more on taxes than on housing, food and clothing combined,” says the Fraser Institute, described as a conservative and libertarian think-tank. It says that 42.4 per cent of the average family’s income went to taxes »