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Insecticide effect on wild bees

Neonicotinoids, one of the most popular insecticides in agricultural use worldwide, has often been claimed as a major factor in commercial bee colony collapse. The vast majority of research has focussed on “neonics” and honeybees, as they nest in colonies »

The American bumble bee is in serious decline according to a new Canadian study. The bee is recognizable by its dark wings and yellow striping ( Kristy Baker via NY Natural Heritage Programme)

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Another bee species under critical threat

While there have been several stories over the years of serious declines in honey bee populations, the state of the many wild bees is almost impossible to gauge but is thought to also be seriously compromised. Wild bees are critical »

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For “Earth Day” (Apr 22) think about bees

Around the world experts are noticing a decline in bee populations. Bees are the world’s most important pollinators of food crops and all plants. While we are aware of commercial honey bees, most pollination is done by wild bees.  With »

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Plans to phase-out a pesticide harmful to ecosystems

The Canadian government is considering banning one of the widely-used neonicotinoid pesticides saying it is collecting in waterways and harming aquatic insects. Neonicontinoid pesticides, also known as neonics, have been restricted in some jurisdictions because of the risk they pose »

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Canada ‘must’ review pesticides banned in Europe

It’s been a three-year legal battle but environmental groups in Canada are claiming a victory. In 2013, the groups Equiterre and The David Suzuki Foundation launched a suit saying the federal government had an obligation to review 350 pesticides and »

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International battle heats up over use of glyphosate herbicides

Glyphosate is a chemical used in a number of products, notably “Roundup” by Monsanto. It’s one of the most widely used farming herbicides in the world and has been marketed since the 1970’s. Glyphosates are also used in the forestry »

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Spider personality changes after tiny exposure to pesticide

It may be hard to imagine, but even spiders have individual personality traits and behaviour. Research from McGill University found that when exposed to very minute amounts of a common pesticide, their behaviour changed. Raphaël Royauté (PhD), led the research »