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PETA versus Canada Goose clothing: “ethical” advertising changes

The famous Canada Goose brand of clothing has changed some of its advertising regarding “ethically sourced” animal products. The Canadian-based, majority American-owned manufacturer is best known for its goose down jackets and coyote fur trimmed parkas. The animal advocacy group PETA »

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Animal rights activists say 2018 provided progress and hope

Animal activists, at least the ones I’ve met, tend to be generous, passionate and determined Most–again from my experience–are also relentless–relentless in their desire to protect the creatures who share this earth with the rest of us. Activists advocate. They »


Scandal leads to zoo closing

The zoo in Bowmanville, Ontario, bills itself as the oldest private zoo in North America. Bowmanville is about 75 kilometres east of Canada’s biggest city, Toronto. The zoo began 97 years ago as an amusement park with a petting zoo. »

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Vancouver woman’s plea for Japanese elephant

If it was a human, it might well be considered cruel and unusual punishment. That’s what Vancouver blogger Ulara Nakagawa thought when she saw the elephant in what she describes as a “prison” in “one of the cruellest, most archaic »

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SPCA investigating possible abuse at Ontario zoo

Authorities in Ontario are investigating allegations that a Siberian tiger was whipped repeatedly by its trainer at a zoo east of Toronto where the tiger in the the film “The Life of Pi” was trained. The U.S.-based animal rights group »