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Canada is discussing with Malaysia about taking back its plastic waste

The Canadian government is currently in talks with Malaysia to recover plastic waste from Canada that has arrived illegally in the Asian country, according to authorities. Malaysia complained in May about receiving plastic waste from 14 different countries, including Canada,» 

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Garbage war: Canada’s plan rejected

Philippines-Canada dispute adds another chapter For years Canada’s Liberal government has promised to deal with dozens of shipping containers filled with garbage that were shipped to the Philippines. Originally labelled as recyclable plastics, some 103 containers were sent to the» 


Canada hires firm to bring trash home from Philippines

Canada has awarded a contract to a company to remove by the end of June 69 containers of Canadian trash that have been sitting in the Philippines for almost six years. The trash was improperly labelled as plastics for recycling» 

Filipino environmental activists wear a surprisingly realistic representation of a shipping container of garbage iner van filled with garbage to protest the cargo containers of garbage that were shipped from Canada to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014 (Aaron Favila/Associated Press)

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Garbage wars- Philippines to Canada- take it back or else

The story begins in 2013. An Ontario company began sending shipping containers to Manila labelled as being filled with “recyclable plastic”. In fact, they’re filled with garbage. This week President Rodrigo Duterte said he will declare “war” if Canada doesn’t» 

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Philippine forces kill militant behind beheadings of two Canadians

Philippine security forces hunting Islamist militants in a central Philippine island have killed a key commander who had been blamed for the beheadings of two Canadian hostages in 2016. The military in Sulu confirmed that Abu Sayyaf leader Muammar Askali, who used» 

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Japan’s sex slaves in WWII. “The Apology”

It is another tragic chapter of WWII.  The Japanese Imperial Army forced tens of thousands of girls and young women from occupied lands to become sex slaves for their soldiers. Strange as it may seem, this horrible tale is not» 

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Dangerous power game in the South China Sea PART -2

China has been aggressively pursuing a policy of increasing its presence in the South China Sea. It has been taking over shoals and reefs in waters claimed by six neighbouring countries, especially those in Philippines waters and artificially building them» 

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Trudeau condemns ‘cold-blooded’ murder of second Canadian hostage

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed on Monday to hunt down the terrorists responsible for the killing of Robert Hall, the second Canadian hostage executed by a militant Islamist group in the Philippines after Ottawa refused to pay any ransom.» 

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Canadian hostages in Philippines: PM – Canada pays no ransom

The news came Monday. A Canadian tourist among a small group taken hostage by an extremist Muslim group in the Phillipines was brutally beheaded. After a ransom deadline passed,  John Ridsdel’s head was dumped in Jolo, a town in Sulu» 


PM Trudeau outraged by ‘cold-blooded’ murder of Canadian hostage

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his “outrage” Monday following news that Canadian hostage John Ridsdel was beheaded by suspected Islamist militants in the Philippines. “Canada condemns withour reservation the brutality of the hostage takers and this unnecessary death,” sombre-looking Trudeau told reporters from»