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Museum pays tribute to photographer Notman

Montreal’s McCord Museum will open an exhibition of work by Canada’s famous 19th century photographer, William Notman on November 4, 2016. Notman took portraits of landscapes from all parts of the country and they are said to have helped build» 

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Photographer demands withdrawal of Trudeau shirtless pic

A photographer has demanded the opposition Conservative Party stop using a photo she took of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau without his shirt on, reports CBC. Marnie Recker took the picture during a wedding shoot on a beach in western Canada.» 

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Canadian swamped by demand for spectacular photos

Photographer Dave Sandford spent several days in November taking pictures of the natural power of Lake Erie. The result is a stunning collection posted online which has garnered a massive response. Dave Sandford of London, Ontario spent as much as» 

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Artist who photographed unoccupied spaces, Lynne Cohen, has died of cancer

Best known for her photos of unoccupied spaces, Montreal contemporary artist Lynne Cohen has died at the age of 69 of lung cancer. Her photos of the interiors of homes or institutions included living rooms, public halls, retirement homes, laboratories, offices, showrooms, shooting ranges,»