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International, Society

Canada launches pilot plan to shorten quarantine on arrival, airlines applaud

A new pilot program announced by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney on Thursday will allow international travellers entering Canada through Alberta to be tested for COVID-19 to shorten their quarantine period.  The announcement was welcomed by Canada’s major airlines who see »


Canada and British Columbia launch school bus seatbelt pilot project

The governments of Canada and British Columbia have partnered up to launch a pilot project to use seatbelts in school buses in two school districts in B.C., according to an announcement from Canada’s Minister of Transport Marc Garneau and B.C.’s »


British Columbia launches free day passes for parks

In order to help its citizens remain active and safe, the British Columbia government announced on Wednesday that it is launching free-day use passes for six of the province’s parks.  The free day passes are part of a pilot program »

Internet, Science & Technology

Shared electric scooters coming to Canada’s capital city

Shared electric scooters are going to be available to rent in Ottawa as part of a pilot project, the city announced in a press release on Thursday. According to the press release, the electric scooter pilot project will run until »

Immigration & Refugees

11 rural, northern towns to attract newcomers

Canada’s immigration department has announced the 11 rural and northern communities that will invite newcomers to settle there permanently as part of a pilot project to attract skilled workers. The Canadian population is ageing and the birth rate declining resulting »

Immigration & Refugees

Feds unveil pilot project to attract skilled immigrants to rural and northern Canada

The federal government is launching a new pilot program aimed at attracting skilled immigrants to Canada’s rural and northern communities, which are struggling with labour shortages due to ageing population and high number of youth leaving for better opportunities elsewhere. »

Health, Society

Project aims to teach students to better manage mental health

Seven Canadian universities and colleges are participating in a pilot project to teach students how to better understand and manage their mental health. This comes at a time when a fifth of Canadian post-secondary students are feeling depressed and anxious »

Health, Society

Pilot project dispenses free sunscreen in Toronto parks

As the incidence of skin cancer increases in Canada, a pilot project is providing free sunscreen in a handful of parks in Toronto try to help prevent it. Most cases of melanoma are linked to exposure to the sun, and »

Economy, Society

Pilot project will test guaranteed minimum income

The province of Ontario is launching a pilot project that will provide a minimum income for a test group of people. The stated aim is to “better support vulnerable workers and to improve health and education outcomes for people on »