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Oil companies explore loophole in shipping restriction

A Canadian law passed in June prevents Alberta oilsands crude being shipped from the British Columbia terminals along Canada’s northern Pacific coastline. This was due to fears of the environmental damage if there was an oil spill. But a test »

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Canada’s pipeline debate: simmering in the background,ready to boil again

The long standing dispute over the Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion, has been surpassed in the news by other political events, but it hasn’t gone away. Permission for the huge project was tossed out when a court agreed with legal challenges saying »

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Controversial major pipeline project cancelled

In an announcement today, the CEO of Trans-Canada pipelines said the so-called “energy east” and “eastern mainline” pipeline projects have been called off. The project would have seen a pipeline stretching from the oil sands project in Alberta and oil »

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Giant liquid natural gas pipeline and terminal stalled by legal challenge

A huge project set to develop a 900 kilometre gas transmission line and export port on the British Columbia coast has hit a legal roadblock. The provincial government had approved the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission  Line which would move fracked »

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Indigenous community voices support for oil development

Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline has been vehemently opposed by many Indigenous groups in Canada, but there are also Aboriginal voices that strongly support the oilpatch. Chief Jim Boucher, from Fort McKay in northeastern Alberta, is one of them. His community »

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First Nations to rely on tradition and custom to bridge divisions over pipelines: national chief

Canadian Indigenous communities will use the power of tradition, prayer and ceremony to heal a rift among First Nations chiefs over support for two controversial pipelines approved by the federal government this past week, says Assembly of First Nations national »