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WestJet to refund customers with flights cancelled due to pandemic

WestJet will start giving refunds to customers with flights cancelled from any time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Nov. 2, WestJet is going to contact eligible customers, starting with those with flights that were cancelled at the beginning of »

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Canada history: Aug 16, 1947, first flight of the Beaver

It was perhaps not a particularly remarkable event that day, but one that has had huge repercussions world-wide since. On August 16, 1947,  a brand new type of plane took off from the DeHavilland factory and airstrip at Downsview, just »


Two small planes collide over shopping centre

Two light aircraft collided over a shopping in Saint-Bruno, south of Montreal just before 1pm ET. One of the planes landed on the roof of the mall and the other in its parking lot, according to police. The shopping centre »

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Fundraiser to save an historic Lancaster

KB882 had a long service life, and then, a far less deserving fate, and finally enthusiasts are trying to give the historic plane a better future. Of the over 7,000 built, this plane is one of only 17 survivors and »

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Canada to permit use of electronic devices during plane takeoffs, landings

Canada’s Transport Minister Lisa Raitt has announced air passengers will now be allowed to use portable electronic devices throughout a plane’s journey, even takeoff and landing. The devices will still have to be in “Airplane Mode” and not connected to »