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Network formed to tackle plastic pollution

Over 40 leading companies, government bodies and NGOs have joined the new Canada Plastics Pact formed to end plastic waste and pollution. It pledges to work collectively towards “ambitious 2025 goals.” Plastic garbage is everywhere on the planet. It is »

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Too much plastic: read RCI’s reports on plastic pollution and the efforts to reduce it

People around the world are becoming aware of the massive problem caused by plastic products, especially single-use plastics.  On June 10, the Canadian government announced that it will ban single use plastic products as of 2021. Plastic pollution is a »

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Ocean plastics recycled into cycling bags

A Canadian company has announced it will use fishing nets recovered from the ocean and recycled to make its entire line of cycling bags. Axiom Cycling Gear, based in the western city of Port Coquitlam says its goal is to »

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IJC calls for public input into microplastics in Great Lakes

The growing concern over microplastics in the Great Lakes between Canada and the U.S.A, has attracted the attention and concern of the bi-national “International Joint Commission” (IJC). It is seeking public comment on recommendations it will soon make to Canadian »

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Microplastics in shellfish- new study

Microplastics are now showing up everywhere in oceans and lakes, and in aquatic creatures. Microplastics are tiny specs of plastic ranging in size from 5mm down to microscopic. They are either plastic beads used in some cosmetics or toothpastes as »