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Canada announces national plan to ban some single-use plastics

The Canadian government plan to phase out single-use plastics which have been a major source of environmental pollution was thrown out of kilter with the arrival of the pandemic. Concerns over spreading the virus led to a resurgence of items »


British Columbia approves municipal bans on single use plastics

The British Columbia government is moving towards banning single-use plastics in a number of municipalities within the province in order to prevent plastic waste from polluting communities, shorelines and landfills. According to a news release from B.C. on Saturday, the »

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Plastic pollution concerns take back seat to COVID-19

In recent years, governments, NGO’s, environmental groups, and citizens began to become much more concerned about the ever growing amount of waste plastic in the environment. Plans were being made in Canada for a ban on single-use plastics to come »

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Multi-million dollar Canadian effort launched to clean oceans of ‘ghost gear’

Fund to support 22 Canadian and four international efforts Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) defines ghost gear as “any fishing equipment or fishing-related litter that has been abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded and is some of the most harmful and »

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CleanFARMS; Agricultural plastic waste recovery on track and growing

Begun back in 2010 Cleanfarms is a non-profit industry effort to recover and recycle the vast amount of single-use plastics used in the agricultural industry. Mostly an ‘unseen’ issue, farms and the agricultural sector use enormous quantities of large and »

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Plastics bans, climate plans delayed due to virus

Plastic is the boon and bane of modern society. There’s no denying its fantastic multitude of inexpensive and eminently handy uses. There’s also no denying the environmental harm it does. Around the world, several countries now trying to reduce that »


Starbucks temporarily bans use of reusable mugs

The global coffee chain Starbucks is also being affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus.  In an effort to reduce the spread of the virus, Starbucks is temporarily banning its customers from using personal reusable mugs in »

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Quebec to update recycling system

To better recycle, and reduce the use of plastic, the Quebec government will make manufacturers responsible for the life cycle of the products they make. From plastic containers and packaging, to newspapers, manufacturers in Quebec will have to deal with »

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Hellmann’s packaging to use 100 per cent recycled plastic

Canadians can now purchase their favourite type of mayonnaise knowing that its containers will have a lower carbon footprint. Hellmann’s is going to be selling their mayonnaise bottles and jars made from post-consumer recycled plastic across Canada. Post-consumer recycled plastic, »

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Montreal planning to ban all plastic shopping bags

Montreal Mayor, Valerie Plante wants to ban all plastic shopping bags by the end of 2020. She plans on modifying the current bylaw which already bans thin plastic bags from being used by retailers.  In a tweet, Plante said that »