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Quebec rapper mourns Indigenous deaths, releases single called “Génocide”

Among the numerous Quebec artists that have raised their voice following the passing of Joyce Echaquan, a 37-year old Atikamekw woman who died in a public hospital after being insulted and humiliated by nurses, Algonquin rapper Samian is one to »


A Montreal poetry contest offers $20,000 for one poem

A mural of Leonard Cohen looks down on an almost empty Crescent Street in Montreal, Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The Montreal International Poetry Prize, launched with a $50,000 donation from Cohen in 2011, is seeking submissions for 2020 competition. (Graham Hughes/THE CANADIAN PRESS). Read the article »

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The Montreal International Poetry Prize offers $20,000 for one poem

Have the long hours of lockdown-induced solitude, boredom, anxiety and longing fired up your creative energy? Have you been pouring all that pent up creativity into poetry? Then, perhaps, consider applying for the Montreal International Poetry Prize. All it takes »

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Respected Quebec poet accused of plagiarism

In the past, distance, language, and time made it much easier to plagiarise the work of others. For example, one could take the work of someone else in a different language and distant country, translate it to your language and »

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Griffin Poetry Prizes 2017: ‘Injun’ and ‘Falling Awake’

The Griffin Poetry Prize for a Canadian work went to Jordan Abel for his most recent collection entitled ‘Injun’. “This is a win for all the people who fought, and continue to fight against, appropriation and against the architecture of »

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History: May 3, 1915, the First World War’s most famous poem

Arguably the most famous poem of the First World War, “In Flanders Fields”, was penned by a tired and distraught Canadian doctor on this day, near a field hospital in the midst of a terrible battle on May 3, 1915. »

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Mark Abley: Biography of DC Scott: lauded poet, vilified bureaucrat

This week, Montreal columnist and author Mark Abley is my guest as we talk about his latest book, Conversations with a Dead Man: The legacy of Duncan Campbell Scott. Montreal author, poet, and columnist Mark Abley: his book published in »

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Canada’s prestigious literary awards announced

They’re called the Governor-General’s Literary awards, and they are the highlight of the literary scene in Canada. The winners were announced last night and Guy Vanderhaeghe won the 2015 prize for fiction for his book called Daddy Lenin and Other »

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The most famous poem in WWI

Arguably the most famous poem of the First World War, In Flanders Fields” was penned by a distraught, but patriotic, Canadian doctor and was published for the first time on December 8, 1915. Inscription of the complete poem in a »

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This week Wojtek, Marc, and Lynn are together to talk about stories they covered this past week. We hear some very worrying news about Canada’s forests. Climate change and warmer winters have allowed a tiny beetle to flourish, and after »