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February 27: International Polar Bear Day

It’s not an “official day” but rather an  annual one declared by the group Polar Bears International (PBI) a non-profit  organisation whose goal is to raise awareness about the animal’s situation and the threats faced due to climate change. The »

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WWF report: International polar bear action plan, far behind schedule

It’s called the Circumpolar Action Plan for the Conservation of Polar bears (CAP).  It’s a ten-year plan begun two years ago which involves the five Arctic nations with bear populations; Canada, Russia, Denmark, Norway, and the U.S. An international action »

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Climate threats to polar bears: new study

New information from an American study shows polar bears may be under greater threat from climate change than previously thought. The study was just published in the journal Science under the title, “High-energy, high-fat lifestyle challenges an Arctic apex predator, »

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Bears, climate change and other threats

Read Radio Canada International’s many reports on bears, fascinating but endangered animals facing climate change and other threats. Bear fossils from high Arctic show cavities By Lynn Desjardins, Wednesday 20 December, 2017 © Mauricio Anton/Canadian Museum of Nature The remains of a 3.5 »

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Heart breaking final moments of starving polar bear

Anthropogenic climate change blamed. It is an extremely painful and tragic video to watch. Canadian biologist and wildlife photographer Paul Niklen and filmmakers from the conservation group Sea Legacy went to Baffin Island in Canada’s northern territory of Nunavut in »

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Polar bears, climate change and growing concern

There are 19 subpopulations of polar bears spread throughout the Arctic, and while some are doing alright, others have already begun to feel the effects of climate change. Among them is the population around the western shore of Hudson Bay, »

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Changing winds may harm polar bear’s ability to hunt

A new study shows polar bears travel crosswind when winds are light to hunt seals, but climate change means winds will grow stronger in the Arctic and that could make hunting more difficult for them. Researchers at the University of »

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Polar bears, climate change, a new problem for some northern communities.

It seems climate change is changing the bear’s habits and bringing them into communities where they have been very seldom seen before.  We’re not talking about the Arctic either, but in northern Ontario around James Bay. Communities like Moose Factory, »

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New polar bear survey. Some good news, for now

There are 19 subpopulations of polar bears in the Arctic circumpolar region, with 13 of them in Canada A recent survey was taken of two of these subpopulations as previous number estimates were old, dating back to the 1990’s and »

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Climate change: Are polar bears doomed?

All populations could decline by 30 percent by 2050 A just released report has cast even more concern about the future of the polar bear survival as a species. The international study involved research scientists from the US, Canada, and »