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Climate change adversely affecting Arctic wildlife

There is increasing evidence that climate change, which is warming the polar region, is having negative affect upon a variety of wildlife. While there have long been concerns about that some populations of polar bears are shrinking, studies now show »

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Polar bears and the ripple effect of climate change

For years people have been concerned about the fate of polar bears in the face of climate change. The bears need the frozen sea in order to hunt seals and survive, but as ice is forming later in the season »

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New efforts to divert polar bears from Inuit village

Every year polar bears gather near Churchill Manitoba as they wait for freeze up of Hudson Bay in order to venture out onto the ice to hunt for seals. Because of the large number of bears that gather there, it’s »

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The LINK Online 44

This week, Wojtek Gwiazda and Marc Montgomery present highlights of the week’s stories. © Govt of Canada We start off with some interesting but perhaps painful news..at least painful to Canadian’s wallets. A new report from the conservative-leaning think-tank The Fraser »