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Canadian polar bear researcher given lifetime award.

Ian Stirling (PhD) began studying polar bears in the 1970’s and is now recognized as a world wide authority. Working with then grad-student Andrew Derocher, now also recognized as a worldwide polar bear expert, in the 1990’s they were the »

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Research project seeks to understand climate change impacts in Western Arctic

A group of Canadian and U.S. scientists backed by a NASA aircraft packed with sophisticated remote sensing equipment have converged on the Inuit community of Cambridge Bay in Nunavut as part of an international science project to study how climate »

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Maud set to finally return home, a century later.

The 36.5 metre long Maud was a purpose-built ship designed with the technology of the early 20th century specifically to conquer the Arctic sea and ice. Maud was built near Oslo and Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen intended to sail »

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The Antarctic too is under stress and threat

We are hearing more and more about stress, and threats to the Arctic, but not so much about Antarctica. Most people would tend to think because the Antarctic is so distant and cold, that it’s a pristine environment and relatively safe »

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Arctic report card 2016; warm and getting warmer

The American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued its “Arctic Report Card 2016”. For most, the findings of the NOAA Arctic Programme will come as little surprise. Ocean temperatures across the Arctic from October 2015-September 2016 compared to the »

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Microchips ensure fair, legal polar bear hunting

As part of a Canadian pilot project, microchips are being inserted into polar bear hides in a bid to stop the illegal trafficking of the animal, reports the public broadcaster, CBC. The aim is also to protect Canada’s reputation as »

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Hybrid bear shot, less rare as climate warms

A hunter in Canada’s northern territory of Nunavut recently shot what was once-rare cross between a grizzly and a polar bear, reports CBC reporter Mitch Wiles. Climate change is hitting the world’s circumpolar regions hard with temperatures rising faster there »

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Record ozone loss over the Arctic?

Ozone is a colourless, odourless gas, and at ground level is a health hazard, but in the stratosphere it plays an important role in shielding the Earth from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Without the mitigating factor of ozone to »

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Guide sees record-long polar bear dive

A guide in Norway’s Svalbard Islands saw an emaciated polar bear stay underwater for a very long time to stalk a bearded seal. Rinie van Meurs knew it was highly unusual and sent two videos of the event to Canadian »

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New Polar shipping environment rules

It’s called the Polar Code and it’s been six years in the makin but a committee of the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) completed work on environmental concerns just last week at a meeting in London, England. The Polar Code »