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Opposition advocates for body cams for police in Montreal

The opposition party in the city of Montreal is asking the current Mayor, Valerie Plante to have the city’s police force operate with body cameras to combat racial profiling.  Last October, the Service de Police de la Ville De Montréal» 


An “individual” was arrested: change in police policy on gender

The Ontario Provincial Police force has announced they will no longer identify victims or criminals by gender in public reports. The “OPP” are a provincially regulated force that patrols the provincial highways, and outside of areas not covered by municipal police» 


B.C. teenager helps solve almost 30-year-old cold case

A 13-year-old teenager helped uncover a 27-year-old unsolved case after finding a car sunk in the depths of Griffin Lake in Revelstoke, British Columbia. On a sunny August day, Max Werenka was on the lake where his family runs a» 


Manhunt for fugitive teens shifts to another isolated Manitoba community

Heavily armed police officers are combing through the bush and swamps surrounding the remote Indigenous community of York Landing in northern Manitoba, following a reported sighting of two teenage murder suspects who have been on the run for nearly two» 


Police-reported crimes rose in 2018, but homicides decreased, report

The annual report from Statistics Canada on police-reported crime in 2018 came out today and it shows an increase for the fourth consecutive year, but other crimes are, on the contrary, on the decline. Police-reported crime is measured by both» 

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York police seize millions in assets of alleged crime syndicate, many arrests

York Regional police in Ontario (just north of Toronto) say it’s the bigges anti-crime operation ever. Called Operation Sindicato, the police made over a dozen arrests including several members of what they call the Figliomeni Crime Family. The group is» 

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Drunk driving law: Charter of Rights challenge (interview)

Case may eventually make it to the Supreme Court of Canada (public commenting is open on all RCI stories at bottom- comments will be shown after examination) The case begins with an elderly woman who went to a liquor store» 

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Supreme Court: Police don’t need a warrant in child luring stings

The case involved child luring over the internet. Police in Newfoundland in an undercover operation created some fake online profiles on Facebook and with hotmail email addresses pretending to be two underage girls.. A man later exchanged sexually explicit messages» 


Canada’s national police seek options to increase recruiting

(public commenting open below all RCI stories- comments posted after review by moderators) For over a decade, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have been looking at ways to increase recruiting. With graduates of the “Mountie” training facility often not» 


Supreme Court decision on police shooting

Canada’s highest court has decided on a “leave to appeal” ( a request to appeal and be heard by the highest court) in the case of a police shooting. This morning the SCC released its decision that it will not»