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Coalition group outlines plan to cut Montreal police budget

A coalition of over 20 community groups in Montreal have released an outline of 10 demands to slice the budget of Montreal’s police force in half and reinvest that money into community programs, during a news conference yesterday. The Defund »

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Canadian Ranger arrested after gaining access to Rideau Hall grounds: CBC

Police in Ottawa have arrested an armed man after he rammed his pick-up truck into the gate of a park in the national capital that houses the Governor General’s official residence and the temporary residence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau »

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Trudeau to push for use of body cameras by Canadian police

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will be raising the issue of adopting the use of body cameras by federal, provincial and municipal police departments in Canada, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the country’s national police, which also provides »

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Canadians take to the streets for anti-racism rallies

Sparked by the death of George Floyd last week in Minnesota, Canadians took to the streets this weekend to participate in anti-racism demonstrations across Canada — a country that Amnesty International said last year is fraught with racism. The demonstration »


Toronto Police keep watch at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Police keep watch at Trinity Bellwoods Park as the province prepares for more phased re-openings from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 24, 2020.
REUTERS/Carlos Osorio. Read the article »

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Canadians may face fines for disobeying COVID-19 isolation/closure orders

Across Canada at both the provincial and federal levels, governments are threatening sterner measures against those who fail to obey self-isolation or store closing orders. On Sunday, federal health minister Patty Hajdu said the federal government is now exploring the »

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National police to limit, but not stop use of facial recognition technology

It came as a bit of a surprise both to politicians and the public that several police forces across Canada had been using facial recognition technology, primarily from the U.S.-based Clearview AI company. Concerns have been raised about its use »

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Facial recognition technology; privacy questions growing

It has been revealed that facial recognition technology is being ‘tested’ by many police agencies in both Canada and the U.S. There are concerns that its use may contravene Canadian privacy laws, and who may be using it beyond police »

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More admission of police use of controversial facial recognition technology

With several cases already revealed of Canadian police admission of using the high tech facial recognition comes another, this time by the federal Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The technology has raised concerns over privacy issues with hints of the incursion »

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Opposition advocates for body cams for police in Montreal

The opposition party in the city of Montreal is asking the current Mayor, Valerie Plante to have the city’s police force operate with body cameras to combat racial profiling.  Last October, the Service de Police de la Ville De Montréal »