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Survey: Canadians and attitudes toward their police

With massive and often violent anti-police riots in the U.S, the situation in Canada seems somewhat different. While there have been highly questionable incidents in Canada of late involving police and people of colour or non-caucasian ethnicity, the movement to  »

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Trudeau to push for use of body cameras by Canadian police

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will be raising the issue of adopting the use of body cameras by federal, provincial and municipal police departments in Canada, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the country’s national police, which also provides »

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Video of violent arrest in Nunavut sparks debate about policing in Canada

The violent arrest of an Inuk man in Nunavut, captured on video, has once again raised questions about policing in Canada’s north and relations between the country’s Indigenous communities, racial minorities and the national police force. The video of the »


Inadequate shelter services in Arctic Canada imprison Inuit women in cycle of violence: study

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North The lack of women’s shelters, transition lodging and second-stage housing services is keeping Inuit women trapped in an ongoing cycle of violence, says a report from Canada’s »

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Canadian fighters finish Romanian mission

Not a “show of force”, a Canadian contingent of jet fighters was more a demonstration of NATO co-operation as well as being visible response to Russian aggression in Ukraine. The mission by Canadian planes and personnel, which is now ended, involved »

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Edmonton confronting racial profiling by police

Racist incidents and racial profiling accusations are piling up across Canada this month. In Quebec, the scene of four young black athletes labouring at the task of moving a float in last weekend’s annual St. Jean Baptiste parade, while a »

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Working towards a new policing model

Policing in Canada today is much different than it was just a few decades ago. The federal government asked the Council of Canadian Academics to study issues surrounding policing, specifically, “Given the evolution of crime, the justice system, and society, »