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U Sports makes exception to football player eligibility rules

U Sports, the national brand of university sports in Canada, announced that it is making an exception to its age policy so that football players that are currently 24 years old do not lose their final year of eligibility due »

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Special Parliamentary committee to study relations with China

Following the actions of China internationally and in respect of the diplomatic and trade dispute still ongoing with this country, Canada will strike an all party committee to study and  recommend policy regarding dealings with China. Colin Robertson is a »

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Is it time for Canada to rethink policy regarding China?

A long time strong proponent of Canada-China relations, has recently changed position. Margaret McCuaig-Johnston, had almost four decades of service in the upper levels of Canadian government in science and technology policy and Chinese affairs. She is currently a Senior »

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Parliamentary report on Arctic security tries to cut through ‘geopolitical fog’

Canada and its NATO allies need to do a better job of understanding Russia’s military intentions in the Arctic and “to consider the most appropriate and measured response,” says a new report by a parliamentary committee looking into Canada’s policy »

Environment & Animal Life

Arctic experts tackle black carbon risk posed by wildfires

Forest fires, important sources of black carbon emissions, devastated Arctic regions around the world in 2018, and are an increasing concern for circumpolar nations, says the chair of the Arctic Council expert group on black carbon and methane. The fires »

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Scientists formally unmuzzled by new government policy

The current Canadian government has announced a new policy to ensure that “scientific evidence is gathered without political or commercial interference.” This is a further measure to roll back the previous, Conservative government’s muzzling of scientists. Scientists had been severely »

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Green building jobs surge in British Columbia

The construction of green buildings is creating more jobs in the western province of British Columbia and a policy research group is calling on the government there to ensure the sector continues to grow. The Pembina Institute says the number »

Health, Society

Canada pledges to drive down tobacco use

On this World No Tobacco Day, the government of Canada is pledging to meet “an aggressive but achievable target” of reducing tobacco use in Canada to less than five per cent by 2035. The overall smoking rate has already dropped from »

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Immigration targets will not increase

Canada will welcome 300,000 new immigrants in 2017, the same number as this year. The 2016 target was up from the previous years’ average to accommodate an influx of 33,000 Syrian refugees. A council of economic advisers had urged the »

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International nursing students gather in Saskatchewan to talk northern health care

A conference exploring the challenges of northern nursing wrapped up in the Canadian city of Saskatoon on Friday, after giving students from around the circumpolar world a crash course on the challenges and opportunities of working in remote communities. The »