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Should politicians take a COVID-19 paycut?

It seems a majority of Canadians think so. With millions of Canadians out of work or with reduced hours due to COVID-19 shutdowns, a new poll shows opinion strongly in favour of politicians taking a pay cut as well. Conducted »

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Canadians would like to limit politicians time in office

In the U.S, the length of time a president can serve is limited to two four-year terms only. This limit came into effect with the 22nd Amendment following the Second World War. Many countries have other limits on leaders terms »

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Changing political affiliation midstream: allow, or not allow

The practice is called “crossing the floor”. It’s when an elected politician, usually at the provincial or federal level, decides they are dissatisfied with their chosen party and move “across the floor” to join an opposing party. But there have »


Cyber threats to elections examined

Canadians go to the polls in 2019 to elect the federal government, and parliamentary hearings are underway to look at possible online interference. The concern is not so much for the voting system itself. Paper ballots system deemed safer “The »

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Fake news: It’s more common, and it fools others, but not me

A major international survey by the Ipsos polling agency found some interesting perceptions. The poll contacted some 19,000 people in 27 countries for their perceptions on truth in relation to the media and politicians. A lot of people (65%) believe »

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The politician squeeze in Parliament

When Canada’s Parliament resumes this fall with a new government, there will be 30 more politicians. As Canada’s population has grown, so too has the number of their representatives. In the last sitting of Parliament before the recent federal election, »


Politicians: least trusted profession

A national survey taken last month discovered that most Canadians just don’t trust their politicians….and don’t trust them… a lot! At least one ethicist is calling it an “ethical crisis” in Canadian politics. Chris MacDonald is an associate professor at »